Filmiverse - Episode 09: The Bar Ate My Homework

On this week's episode we have Underworld moving from the big screen to the TV, Avatar 2 and 3 finally begin production, DC saying they’re done with cinematic universes (kind of, but not really), and Danny Elfman likes to play in other composers sandboxes.

News Story 1: The ‘Underworld’ Franchise is moving to TV. 

News Story 2: Avatar sequels finally begin filming with reported 1 billion dollar budget for all four sequels. 

News Story 3: Upcoming DC films to ‘Deemphasize” the whole cinematic universe idea going forward… kind of.

News Story 4: Danny Elfman says he puts a dark twist on John Williams Superman Theme in Justice League. 

Homework: Cast The Green Lantern Corp. Movie. 

Posted on October 2, 2017 .