Filmiverse - Episode 12: Oh The Horror!!!... Of The Mummy

On this week's episode we’ve got nightmares of a Black Widow comedy, Deathstroke set to get his own movie, Shazam gets its star, X-23 might be getting her own movie, and for Halloween we review Universals Dark Universe movie The Mummy.

News Story 1: Thor: Ragnarok’s director wants to make a Black Widow film… as a comedy.


News Story 2: Gareth Evans, director of The Raid, is in talks to direct a Deathstroke movie starring Joe Manganiello.

News Story 3: Zachary Levi will stir in ‘Shazam!’. David F. Sanberg will direct the film.

News Story 4: A Logan Spin-off script focusing on Laura, also known as X-23, is in the works.

Mummy Review



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Posted on October 31, 2017 .