Filmiverse - Episode 14: Revenge of The Attack of The Last Rian Johnson Trilogy

On this week's episode we have The Mighty Thor’s mighty box office numbers, the possible death of the Dark World, Fox and Disney’s on and off again marriage talks, and a huge announcement regarding the Star Wars Universe. 

News Story 1: Thor: Ragnarok’ delivered the seventh largest opening in the MCU with $121 Million. 

News Story 2: News Story 2:  The Dark Universes show runners, Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan,  have left the building. 

News Story 3:  Disney entered into talk with 21st Century Fox to acquire some of its movie property rights. 

News Story 4: Lucasfilm has announced that Rian Johnson is to create an All-New Star Wars trilogy.

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Posted on November 14, 2017 .