Filmiverse - Episode 19: Attack Of The Bruno

On this week's episode we have Michael Bay possibly destroying even more of our childhood, Star Wars getting its own Red Wedding, Solo finally getting a trailer as well as a new Jurassic World Trailer, and Cloverfield Paradox has a surprise release on Netflix.

News Story 1: Michael Bay has met with DC and Warner Brothers to direct a Lobo Stand Alone Movie.


News Story 2: The Game Of Thrones HBO Series creators have signed on to write and produce a series of Star Wars Movies.


News Story 3: The Han Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer has finally been released.


News Story 4: Venom Teaser Trailer.


News Story 5: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom  2nd Trailer


News Story 5: Netflix announced and released Cloverfield: Paradox during the Super Bowl. We watched it. 



Posted on February 13, 2018 .