Nosfy (@nosfydesign) - Graphic Designer

Graphic designer, gamer, and all around awesome guy, Nosfy has been the designer for many of awesome Twitch personalities, companies, and now for Geek Out/Nerd Rage! We can't thank him enough for the awesome work he's done with the new logo!

KungfuFruitcup (@kungfufruitcup) - Guest

Kungfu is an artist and streamer who strives to create a positive community around her. She lives for animation and games, and has an extensive collection of cute things. Also if you like bunnies, stop by the stream. Maybe you'll see one run by. Kungfu on Twitch


FireDragon764 (@firedragon764) - Guest

FiFi is a streamer, speedrunner, and entertainer that plays various typed of games as fast as he can, while also enjoying some fun casual stuff here and there. He loves what he does, and tries to spread his positivity and happiness on stream with his amazing family of viewers! Fifi on Twitch


Renee (@eener22091) - Photographer


Renee Rabenold is a friend and photographer to the guys in the Podcast. She prides herself in being the token nerd girl in a room full of nerd dudes. Renee is a theater and comedy dork, but got her start being a nerd when she read "The Lord of the Rings" when she was 11. Do not challenge her to Pokemon Puzzle League for N64. She will win and you will cry. Renee loves puppets, weird voices and bananagrams.

Photo Credit: Bridgett Winters

Photo Credit: Bridgett Winters


Pat - Logo Designer/Nerd Friend/Ball of Positive Energy

Photo Credit: Gary Linkevich

Photo Credit: Gary Linkevich

Will and Rob work with Pat on another podcast called Over the Fence, for which he handles most of the visual design & music, so when they started GONR, they asked Pat to contribute a logo. Pat is hugely into gaming, technology, and music - so he *especially* likes when something manages to blend all three in a uniquely creative way, such as Portal 2 and Bit.Trip.


Joe - Guest Host

Joe is one of Pittsburgh's native film snobs. When not using an apple box, he's on a soapbox about games, comics, and movies. The startup film studio Color Negative doesn't lend much free time, but he can be found at the Manor theater drinking whiskey waiting for the movie to start. 

He's also made of pixels.